Hook up records

hook up records

How do you Hang Records on a wall with hooks?

Measure and mark where to screw the bottom hooks for the first record. Make two dots 10 inches (25 cm) apart along the straight line you just drew, positioning them in the center of your planned layout. These will hold the center record in the bottom row (or just the center record if you’re only hanging a single row of records).

How do you arrange records on a record player?

You could arrange your records in a single straight line, or go with a square or rectangular configuration. Decide if you want to space the records out with several inches in between, or if you want to line them up so their edges touch. This display option will scratch up the records, so make sure you’re using records that you don’t plan to play.

How do I attach an LP record to the wall?

Repeat with the rest of your records until you’ve completed your layout. You can also use thumbtacks and stick one through the middle of the LP to attach it to the wall. This will leave a hole in your wall, however. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

What can I record with Hooke Verse?

When Hooke Verse is paired to the Hooke app, you can record audio only. You can even put the app in the background while recording. The Hooke Verse will continue to capture wireless, lossless, 16bit 44.1kHz binaural 3d audio to your phone when the app is hidden or your phone is asleep!

What is Hooke Verse by Hooke audio?

Hooke Verse by Hooke Audio aims to rectify the issue. The Hooke Verse headset records binaural (2-channel) audio giving the user a 3D sound experience. When testing them, they were WORLDS better than my phone’s video/audio recordings using mono (1-channel) audio.

How do I record 3D audio with Hooke Verse?

You could purchase an adapter or just use the Hooke Verse Bluetooth connection to your phone and the Hooke Audio app to record 3D audio. The following are a few recordings to listen to to get a feel about how the Hooke Verse recordings sound. Grab any set of headphones to listen to them for the full binaural audio experience.

What devices is the Hooke Verse compatible with?

The Hooke Verse is compatible with GoPros, DSLRs, field recorders, computers, and 360 cameras by using the provided 3D Hooke Audio Recording cable. I only tested the Hooke Verse with my Pixel 2 XL phone since I don’t own most of the other devices (I have a computer but did not test the Hooke Verse with it).

How do I turn the Hooke Verse on/off?

Powering On/Off, Auto-off, Reset: To turn the Hooke Verse on, you need to push the Hooke Button for about one second until you hear the power-on ascending tones. To turn them off, you need to long-press the Hooke Button for about three seconds until you hear the power-off descending tones.

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