Dating a cruise ship employee

dating a cruise ship employee

Did you ever date on a cruise ship?

YES! I dated many of the people I worked with. I explain that living on a cruise ship is like living in a college dorm, but no one has any homework. If you are not working in your department, you have free time. We never went to the supermarket, the dry cleaners, or cooked dinner. When we were in port, we went to restaurants, hikes, and tours.

What are the rules of working on a cruise ship?

Rule 1: No inappropriate interactions between employees, as well as employees and passengers. This might be considered as the number one rule due to the fact that people who work on cruise ships are from all over the world and from so many different cultures.

How much time do cruise ship employees spend off the ship?

A: The amount of time you spend off the ship depends on three main factors 1.) The contract you hold with your employer and 2.) The amount of time your ship allows passengers to visit ports. 3.) Your position on the cruise ship.

What are the perks of being an employee on a cruise ship?

Some ships provide extra amenities for employees, such as televisions for each room, a special crew bar and lounge and special recreation lounges near the crew quarters. Q: What are some of the places a person may get to see as an employee aboard one of the larger cruise lines?

What is it like to date on a cruise ship?

Coupling up on the ship is like dating in dog years: Things move about seven times faster. Several crew members recounted instances when they put in a request to share a cabin with their new boyfriend after only a month of dating, or dropped the “I love you” bomb within the first week of meeting someone.

Are cruise ship crews allowed to date?

(Most services are set off a second-deck corridor dubbed “I-95.”) Among the crew, dating is not just allowed but tacitly encouraged—they live onboard through the entirety of their contract without days off, often 10 months a year.

When did cruises become popular?

The 1970 television show, Love Boat, made the idea that a cruise was a romantic getaway for couples popular. Ships built in the late 1980s and started to break the size record held by other ships. The Sovereigns were the first “mega ships” that were built.

What really happens on a cruise ship?

Jane Thomas, a former cruise ship singer, reveals what really happens on board. Thomas said passengers on the cruise would “tell us everything” — and it seems they saw a lot, too. “There are lots of swingers too — keys in a bowl, that sort of thing,” she said. “You would see a woman with her husband, then a different man another night.

What are the benefits of a cruise ship salary?

Bear in mind that while cruise ship hours are long, one of the largest benefits for employees is the earning potential of a cruise ship salary. Because room, board, and food are generally paid for, there are very few expenses for employees. Counter that with a large number of work hours, and you may enjoy some nice pay checks.

Should I work on a cruise ship?

If you’re not convinced that working a cruise ship is a good move for you, here are 7 solid reasons why you should work on a cruise ship: Lots Of Cool Job Opportunities. Seasonal or Year Round Work. Opportunities To Climb The Professional Ladder. Paid Travel To See The World. Make International Friends (And Grow Your Worldly Network)

How many days a week do cruise ship employees work?

Most cruise ship employees, if not all, work seven days a week for the duration of their contract. Hours vary from 8 to 20 hours, which translates to an average of 12 working hours a day. Working for extended hours will most likely result in stress and fatigue.

What is it like to be a crew member on a ship?

As a crew member, you will work and live in an environment that differs from land-based employment, experiencing the world of seafaring, a tradition that predates written history. On the following pages you will gain a deeper knowledge of cruise ship life, crewmembers, and the earning potential available onboard a cruise ship.

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