Creationist view on carbon dating

creationist view on carbon dating

Does carbon dating always work?

Yeah, carbon dating doesnt always work. We know that. It doesnt work with marine organisms or organisms from the antarctic because they get most of their carbon from sources that have either been in deep circulation (in ocean currents) or storage (on the sea bottom, lake or river bottom, or in carbonate minerals) for a long time.

Do young Earth creationists reject carbon 14 dating?

I have run into Young Earth Creationists who reject the validity of carbon 14 dating. I’ve also run into ones who use ( crudely manipulated) Carbon 14 dating to ‘prove’ a dinosaur fossil is 20,000 years old, so the other radiometric dating must be invalid. For a fun game, try asking a gartering of creationists how old the Earth actually is.

What are the two basic assumptions of carbon dating?

The Assumptions of Carbon Dating. Although this technique looks good at first, carbon-14 dating rests on at least two simple assumptions. These are, obviously, the assumption that the amount of carbon 14 in the atmosphere has always been constant and that its rate of decay has always been constant.

Can creationists accept science that doesn’t conflict with their beliefs?

Many creationists, particularly Young Earth Creationists,are happy to accept any science that doesn’t conflict with their beliefs. General relativity, for example, is not challenged by them, as it offers no problems to their beliefs. Dating techniques are the single biggest challenge to their beliefs

How does carbon dating work?

How Carbon Dating Works. Radiation from the sun strikes the atmosphere of the earth all day long. This energy converts about 21 pounds of nitrogen into radioactive carbon 14. This radioactive carbon 14 slowly decays back into normal, stable nitrogen.

How accurate is carbon-14 dating?

The accuracy of carbon dating is debatable as the amount of carbon-14 in the atmosphere is continuously changing due to volcanic eruptions and acid rains. Is carbon-14 harmful to humans?

Can carbon dating predict the age of life on Earth?

At least to the uninitiated, carbon dating is generally assumed to be a sure-fire way to predict the age of any organism that once lived on our planet.

How reliable is tree ring dating?

Unfortunately, tree ring dating is itself not entirely reliable, especially the long chronology employed to calibrate the carbon dating method. The result is that carbon dating is accurate for only a few thousand years.

How would carbon-14 dating be affected by a global flood? Carbon-14 dating depends on the amount of atmospheric carbon-14 relative to carbon-12. This ratio would have been different before the Flood. The earth’s sediments contain a vast amount of carbon-12 in the form of coal and oil. [14]

How is the carbon-14 age of a sample determined?

Can a creationist be a scientist?

Clearly, creationists can indeed be real scientists. And this shouldn’t be surprising since the very basis for scientific research is biblical creation. This is not to say that noncreationists cannot be scientists. But, in a way, an evolutionist is being inconsistent when he or she does science.

What do creationists and evolutionists have in common?

Creationists and evolutionists have a different view of history, but the way they do science in the present is the same. Both creationists and evolutionists use observation and experimentation to draw conclusions about nature. This is the nature of observational science. It involves repeatable experimentation and observations in the present.

How can science work without evolution?

Although evolutionists interpret the evidence in light of their belief in evolution, science works perfectly well without any connection to evolution. Think about it this way: is a belief in molecules-to-man evolution necessary to understand how planets orbit the sun, how telescopes operate, or how plants and animals function?

Does the Bible support evolutionary biology and geology?

Consider the biblical creationists Georgia Purdom and Andrew Snelling (both authors in this book), who work in molecular genetics and geology, respectively. They certainly understand their fields, and yet are convinced that they do not support evolutionary biology and geology. 7 On the contrary, they confirm biblical creation.

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