Jiayuan dating website

jiayuan dating website

How popular is dating site Jiayuan in China?

Chinas leading dating site, Jiayuan.com has roughly a million users a month now who pay for the privilege to exchange messages with other members. The messages can be paid for by either the sender or the receiver. Their second quarter earnings this year almost doubled to $12.9 million when compared to the same quarter last year.

Is Jiayuan a scam or legit?

According to reviews, Jiayuan was founded in 2003 by current CEO Rose Gong in the dormitory of Fudan University in Shanghai. It is the largest legit dating site in China in terms of income, the total number of subscribers, and monthly active members. Keep reading the review to learn more.

What is the history of Jiayuan?

Jiayuan.com International, Ltd. was founded in Shanghai in 2003, with over 90 million users and offices in every major city in China. It went public on the NASDAQ stock market, raising up to US$85.2 million. As of April 2011, Jiayuan.com had more than 40 million registered users.

Will Chinas Jiayuan get listed on the NASDAQ?

It has been reported that Chinas leading dating site, Jiayuan.com, is getting ready to be listed on the Nasdaq Stock Market in the first half of 2011. The dating site has hired Price Waterhouse Coopers to audit and prepare the listing.

How many people use Jiayuan dating site?

China’s biggest dating site now has 100 million users, but you’ll be surprised how few are active. China’s biggest dating website, Jiayuan (NASDAQ:DATE), has revealed today that it now has 100 million registered users. The site claims to have helped 12.3 million people find love in the past ten years. It started up in 2003.

What are the most popular dating sites in China?

Jiayuan and Baihe, China’s most popular dating sites, had around 126 million and 85 million registered users in 2015 respectively (Tinder had about 50 million active users in 2014). In contrast to a slew of popular dating apps in the West that are commonly associated with a casual “hook-up”...

What is Jiayuan?

According to Alexa.com, Jiayuan is the 60th most visited website in China and the 336th most popular website in the world. In October 2010, the website launched the wedding planning service Xique.com to assist couples in organizing the wedding. Chinese dating services stand out in the market with their superb design.

How did Chinas dating site reach 90 million members?

Chinas largest dating site, Jiayuan.com, announced last week that they had reached 90 million members around 7pm on July 7, 2013. It took them only 6 months to signup 10 million more members (in January of 2013 they had 80 million members).

Will China’s companies be listed on the NYSE and NASDAQ?

The review will start with applications that were made public earlier and then postponed, and is seen mainly as a hedge against the U.S. making it harder for China’s companies to be listed on the NYSE and Nasdaq NDAQ +1%.

Why do Chinese companies go public under $25 million?

Out of 155 Chinese companies that listed on Nasdaq since 2000, 40 grossed IPO proceeds below $25 million, according to Refinitiv data. Small Chinese firms pursue these IPOs because they allow their founders and backers to cash out, rewarding them with U.S. dollars they cannot easily access because of China’s capital controls.

What happened to US listed Chinese companies on Thursday?

Shares of US-listed Chinese companies, including e-commerce giants Alibaba ( BABA) and JD.com ( JD), retreated more than 3% on Thursday. Social media company Weibo ( WB), which is listed in Nasdaq, fell 2%.

Why is NASDAQ shying away from Chinese IPOs?

While Nasdaq will not cite Chinese companies specifically in the changes, the move is being driven largely by concerns about some of the Chinese IPO hopefuls’ lack of accounting transparency and close ties to powerful insiders, the sources said.

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