Dating doulton figurines

dating doulton figurines

How do you date Doulton figurines?

There is an old rule of thumb for dating Doulton figurines; where you add 27 to the small and hardly visable number to the right of the Doulton backstamp. For example: “Sweet Lavender”. 27 + 10 = 37.

How can you tell if a Royal Doulton figurine is valuable?

– Backstamp: All authentic Royal Doulton figurines should have a backstamp that matches the Royal Doulton backstamp on the bottom (underside) of the figurine. Underneath the backstamp, traditionally you will also find the name of the piece – another helpful hint in researching the figurine’s value.

When did Doulton and Watts start making figurines?

Although Doulton & Watts didn’t realize it at the time, Toby jugs were setting the stage for the early 20th century Royal Doulton figurines. In the 1880s, the Doulton Lambeth facility began producing stoneware and terracotta figurines.

Do all Royal Doulton pieces have the trade mark on them?

With a few exceptions here and there, every single piece that has been released by the Royal Doulton Company will have the Trade Mark that was in use at the time, used as the back stamp for the piece. Yes, this even includes seconds pieces.

What is a Royal Doulton figurine?

This first Royal Doulton figurine received the name “Darling,” along with its royal recognition. Royal Doulton fine china figurines have always been made of first-quality bone china.

How can you tell if a Doulton figurine is real?

Ideally, each authentic piece’s underside features a Doulton mark (or backstamp) plus a name and identification number. Using the backstamp, name, and identification number is the easiest way to identify an authentic Royal Doulton Figurine.

When is the best time to collect Royal Doulton figurines?

When you discover a Royal Doulton figurine that piques your interest, it’s the perfect time to begin your collection. Enjoy browsing the estate sales and combing through antique shops and online marketplaces.

What is the Royal Doulton marking guide?

Our Royal Doulton markings guide can help you identify valuable and collectable Royal Doulton figurines, character jugs and beautiful pottery pieces. Read on to find out more!

Where can I find a pattern code for a Royal Doulton trademark?

Pattern codes were also printed on the base of Royal Doulton produced between 1928 and 1954. You might find these numbers near the crown symbol of the trademark. You might also find an artist’s mark. Each artist has an individual signature that often represents their initials.

What is the difference between ‘Doulton’ and ‘Royal Doulton?

The new mark and use of the name ‘Royal Doulton’ as opposed to ‘Doulton’ celebrate the grant of the Royal Warrant to Doulton by King Edward VII in 1901. This mark was used in various forms into the 1990s. From 1901 to 1922 the standard mark appears with the words ‘Royal Doulton’ and ‘England’.

What are the different types of Doulton marks?

Royal Doulton ‘A’ & ‘C’ Numbers … Royal Doulton ‘D’ Numbers … Royal Doulton ‘H’ Numbers … Royal Doulton ‘E’ ‘V’ & ‘X’ Numbers … Robert Allen Studio Date Code Marks … Royal Doulton Marks, base marks, pattern codes and trade marks. The Doulton marks are many and varied but most follow the same theme.

What do the marks on Royal Doulton jewellery mean?

There are many Royal Doulton marks to look out for-the trademarks, various base marks, pattern codes and numbers. These all signify the authenticity and value of the piece. Here are some markings to look out for:

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