Motorhome hook up in france

motorhome hook up in france

Are motorhomers welcome in France?

Even better, the French LOVE motorhomers and campervanners. They are not only welcomed, they are provided for, with copious motorhome parking spots and approved overnight stopovers called Aires (more on that shortly!) France is often the gateway to Europe for anyone in the UK with a Motorhome.

Is it possible to travel around France in a campervan?

Of course, if you want to travel in a campervan around France (as opposed to a motorhome) that’s perfectly possible too, but a lack of built-in washing and toilet facilities means you’ll probably need to spend more time in campsites.

What are the most difficult parts of motorhoming in France?

The most difficult parts of motorhoming in France are likely to be the choices you’ll need to make about which areas to visit, which cheeses to buy and how many crepes are way too many to eat in one day.

When is the best time to visit France with a motorhome?

The best time to visit France with a motorhome, campervan, caravan or any other vehicle is whenever you have time to explore! Some people pop over on the Eurotunnel for a weekend break. Others take a month to explore one corner. The beauty of France being so large is that usually there will be at least one area with decent weather.

Why visit France with a motorhome?

France is often the gateway to Europe for anyone in the UK with a Motorhome. All too often we rush through as quickly as possible, keen to drive to other locations, like Spain or Italy. But I urge you to take some time to explore. France has some incredible destinations for camper holidays- see below for great itinerary ideas.

What do I need to take in my motorhome for France?

Heres a list of all the paperwork and things you need to carry in your motorhome before you leave for France: Insurance for vehicle (ORIGINAL document- not a photocopy) V5C logbook (or paperwork confirming you are allowed to take the vehicle to France- original document)

Where can I Park my motorhome in France?

The first are approved Motorhome parking places, which are called Aires in France. Aires are approved overnight motorhome parking places, often provided and maintained by the local commune. They are designed for motorhomes or campervans (not caravans sadly). You cant book an aire in advance, and they all have different services available.

Which country is best for motorhome living in Europe?

We travelled for 12-months full time through Europe by motorhome and have to say that France was the country most well equipped for motorhome, campervan and RV life. We also lived in France for 9 months and experienced French village life in the Dordogne.

When is the best time to go motorhome skiing in France?

If youre planning to go motorhome skiing in France, then December- March are your best times, but be aware that a new French law was passed in November 2021 about winter tyres/ snow chains. RELATED: If you are planning a winter motorhome trip, read this first. It can get VERY hot in summer, especially down south.

Why choose motorhoming in France?

Motorhoming in France not only offers diverse and varied options of places to visit, but the ease at which you can travel across France is magnified by the many dedicated motorhome Aires and places to overnight. France is just perfect for campervan travel.

How long does it take to pick up a motorhome in France?

If you catch the express TGV it’s only an hour trip, making it the perfect spot to pick up a motorhome. This is the home base of France Motorhome Hire, the company we have been using for years and highly recommend. Trains from Paris to Sens leave Gare de Lyon and take approximately one hour and 30 minutes.

Where to go on holiday in France with a motorhome?

Diverse landscapes with moon shaped bays, Corsica is the perfect place for anyone with a motorhome who wants a relaxing trip. The island is only around 100 by 50 miles, meaning that you won’t be racking up a high daily mileage, but you can take it slow and steady, enjoying what you do see. 2. The Wine Region (Bordeaux) by motorhome

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