Dating your brothers sister in law

dating your brothers sister in law

Can my sister in law marry my brother in law?

Your sister in law is not a genetic blood relation, she is only a family member by license. There would be no moral or ethical barriers to marriage as long as she is divorced from your brother or sister. The way I read the question, the answer should be yes, as the police officer indicted.

What do I Call my Brothers Sister-in-law?

If you and your brother married siblings then she is either your wife or your sister-in-law. Otherwise there is no official relationship terminology and you can simply refer her to this person as you did in your question.

What does it mean to be in law with your brother?

So the way that works is that “in law” means that that person by the laws of marriage is your family. A second marriage wouldn’t change the current status unless you were to divorce your wife. So your wife stays your wife, and your brother stays your brother since the in law moniker is only added to people who were previously unrelated.

Can you still maintain a close friendship with your brother-in-law/sister in law?

Can you still maintain a close friendship with your brother-in-law or sister-in-law, when your divorce was not amicable, why or why not? As long as you respect the fact that their loyalty shall lie more with their family member than with you, then you can. Its ok to visit your in laws in the hospital; to attend their funeral.

Can I Marry my brother-in-law?

No, you cannot marry your brother-in-law, if they are still married to your brother or sister, because that constitutes polygamy or bigamy, and these are not legal. However, if you want to marry your brother-in-law after the brother or sister has died or divorced them, it is legal to do so.

Is it legal to marry a deceased sister-in-law?

Marrying a deceased wifes sister was made legal in 1907. Marrying a deceased brothers widow became legal in 1921. In 1960 the laws were updated to allow marriage after divorce as well as death. My father-in-law married his sister-in-law, after his wife and her brother had both passed away. This was in America, state of Virginia.

What does it mean to be a sister in law?

The title “sister in law” defines a woman who is legally married to your direct family member (a sister or brother.) If your family member is still alive and, is still legally married and, a divorce has not been granted by the courts, you cannot judiciously marry, regardless of her being married to your brother or a complete stranger.

Is it legal to marry your sister in law in India?

In India s person can marry his sister in law after the death of his wife. Its legal. Originally Answered: Is it legal to marry your sister in law? Originally Answered: Is it legal to marry a sister (or brother) in law?

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