Reddit dating a personal trainer

reddit dating a personal trainer

Do gyms offer free consultations from personal trainers?

Most gyms will offer a “free consultation from a personal trainer” in order to rope you into a contract. 9 times out of 10 the person leading this “consultation” was not a personal trainer, nor was the interaction a real consultation.

How much should a personal trainer charge for private clients?

I personally charged 30-40 for my private clients, which was an average rate for my area. From each session the trainer would take $8; and are effectively making 15 dollars an hour taxed.

Can a personal trainer give Me nutritional advice?

Personal Trainers, are, in general, not qualified to give nutritional or supplement advice. We are not nutritionists and should not be advising (outside of basic nutritional knowledge) unless we have some sort of history in nutrition.

How long does it take to become a certified personal trainer?

The minimum qualification for a personal trainer to work at many of these major corporate gyms is a personal training certification. Depending on the gym this can range from a cert. that can be obtained online in under two weeks, to a certification that takes 3-6 months to prepare for.

Do personal trainers charge for a consultation?

Personal trainers might or might not charge for a consultation. It also depends on the fitness center’s policy. A free or discounted consultation can reach client populations who wouldn’t ordinarily pay for a consultation, but charging for a consultation tends to get more committed clients.

Do all gyms offer personal training?

Almost all the gyms do offer personal training. The expertise level of the trainers, availability at different hours, and their fees do vary widely among different gyms. Even different locations of the same gym chain may have varied charges and offerings in personal training.

Can you get a personal trainer at Planet Fitness?

Planet Fitness usually only offers training in a group setting, and some other tiny, convenience gyms may not offer training at all. You can also join a smaller, independent type of gym for more customized training — and in some rare cases, you can bring your outside personal trainer into the gym to train you there.

Where can I hire a personal trainer near me?

The simplest way to hire a personal trainer is to hire one of the in-house trainers at the gym. Most big box gyms have personal training services available. So what are the best gyms with personal trainers near me? Most major gyms from Anytime Fitness to Life Time have in-house personal trainers.

How much can you earn as a personal trainer?

Whether you prefer to do your downward facing dogs in the privacy of your own home or you like doing your sun salutations in a group environment, the thing that can make all the difference to your practice is having the best yoga mat. Yoga is a great exercise that can help improve both your physical and mental health.

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